Monday, March 20, 2017

My thoughts on Nioh and learning the art of doing a let's play

I've been playing Nioh on the Playstation 4 on my youtube channel. I...kinda like the game I think? I dunno, there are just some gameplay issues that really get my goat, so to speak.

For one, you play a ninja. Ok, so he's British, but in all fairness he is basically a ninja. Ninja or not though, why the hell can't he jump and climb? Or swim? Ninjas, and pretty much anyone, can jump and climb. But you can't in this video game. You are stuck on the ground. And don't fall in to a small patch of water, you will die.
Seriously, why is this still a thing in video games? Someone please explain this to me. I mean if Geralt in The Witcher can make the leap from being able to do not a whole lot of The Witcher 1 to doing pretty much any god damn thing in The Witcher 3, why is it that this new IP cannot allow me to paddle my way back to shore after I dodged an axe swing from a demon skeleton, fell off the pier and in to shallow water, only to drown. That. Is. Fucking. Dumb.

Oh and no climbing? What in the name of fuck? So often in this game I see a low hanging on a building or a waist high ledge leading in to another area and think "hey I could explore that" but no. Instead William (that's the playable character in the game) just runs up to it. And stands there. And does nothing. Not. A. Fucking. Thing.

This is my biggest gripe with the game thus far. That and controls that feel sluggish, being unable to stop an animation to change actions, one particular boss that felt like a spammy fucking cheater, the lack of a clear story line (I mean seriously, what the fuck is going on?), and my inability to pronounce Japanese names fluently (though I will admit the fault lies with me there, not the game).

If you would care to watch me struggle though this, and also witness my evolution from sub-par video editor to slightly sub-par video editor, check out my new youtube channel here
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